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How an Integrated SEO Strategy Helped Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens Become the Industry Leader

The Results


+126Page 1 Keywords

+108.3%Organic Traffic from Jan to June, 2019 vs 2018

+113.2%Organic New Users from Jan to June, 2019 vs 2018

+385Organic Leads


In January of 2017,

Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens, the industry leader in creating luxurious outdoor kitchens, enlisted Power Digital’s help with increasing organic traffic and conversions through their website in a highly competitive market.


In order to achieve the Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens’ team’s goals, the Power Digital team deployed a comprehensive SEO strategy that consisted of:

Content Marketing

Created 2 targeted blog posts per month in order to establish Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens as a thought leader in the space and bolster our overall SEO strategy by creating content around highly searched informational queries.

PR & Link Building

Secured 2 backlinks each month from highly authoritative websites and publications in the Home Improvement space in order to increase authority and credibility in the eyes of Google.

Pillar Page Analysis & Optimization

Approached the strategy a “never satisfied” attitude and conducted monthly Pillar Page Analysis on core service and product pages in order to target low-hanging fruit opportunities in terms of keyword rankings, conversion elements, and more.

Technical SEO

Cleaned up all technical SEO elements on the website in order to ensure swift ranking, traffic, and conversion improvements. This process included optimizing the XML sitemap and Robots.txt file, cleaning up all duplicate content to make it valuable and unique, optimizing Title Tags and Meta Descriptions according to best practices, and much more.

Content Forensics

Regularly checked back on older or existing blog articles and identified opportunities to improve them from a topical, competitive, ranking, and conversion perspective.


Through this integrated strategy comprised of SEO, Content, and PR/Link Building, we were able to achieve the following results for Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens:


January 1st – June 30th, 2019 vs. January 1st – June 30th, 2017




253.9% Increase in Organic Traffic

296.8% Increase in New Users

75.0% Increase in Conversions


2018 vs. 2017




82.1% Increase in Organic Traffic

96.2% Increase in New Users

14.8% Increase in Conversions


Keyword Growth: August 2018 – July 2019





Top 3: 16 vs 33 (+17)

4-10: 62 vs 171 (+109)

11-20: 156 vs 249 (+93)

21-50: 356 vs 587 (+231)

51-100: 450 vs 845 (+395)

Total: 1,040 vs 1,885 (+845)


Based on these results, it is apparent that our integrated SEO strategy was successful in meeting and exceeding Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens’ goal of increasing organic traffic and conversions.

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