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Cross-Channel Campaign for Chuze Fitness's Self-Care September

In September 2019, Chuze Fitness, an accessible to all fitness club, launched a campaign for Self-Care September, to break down the barriers of the traditional fitness industry conversations.

What we wanted to achieve

  • Break down the barriers of the traditional fitness industry conversations
  • Drive self-care to members with a $1 enrollment fee

The Results

5006Memberships generated during the month of September

7Media placements secured for campaign

156MOnline readership

125KEstimated coverage views



84Influencer placements secured promoting campaign/sale


Along with this in-studio activation, demonstrating their commitment to self-care, Chuze Fitness also ran a sale for the month of September, offering new members a $1 enrollment fee, to enjoy the benefits of the self-care driving initiative. With a desire to make an impact deeper than just a physical change, Chuze Fitness enlisted Power Digital’s help with increasing awareness for the campaign, driving an increase in memberships for the month, and sharing the message that Chuze Fitness is a fitness center that fosters a self-care mindset.

To make a widespread impact and speak to a larger audience,

Power Digital activated a full-fledged multi-channel marketing campaign to include the following channels: influencer marketing, public relations, paid social, paid search, and SEO.

  • Through an influencer marketing campaign, Power Digital partnered with influencers who had a commitment or need to commit to self-care, based on the season of their life: new mom, on-the-go professional, self-neglected individual, health and wellness focused, etc.
  • Through the public relations campaign, Power Digital leveraged Chuze Fitnesses’ self-care expert, Farel Hruska, to secure media placements highlighting the campaign activation. Media channels included digital placements, broadcast placements, and radio placements. Outreach efforts began about 2 weeks prior to the campaign launch in September.
  • Through the paid social campaign, Power Digital promoted the Self-Care message by running ads across both prospecting and retargeting campaigns segmented by location of each Chuze location.
  • Through the paid search campaigns, Power Digital ensured that Chuze would appear as the top ad result of every relevant search query for the gym or the sale. We utilized both brand and non-brand keywords, multiple match types, and accelerated  bid strategies for the period of the sale

Through the organic search efforts over the last several months, Power Digital ensured that Chuze would appear as the top organic result of every relevant query. We optimized the site from a technical perspective, wrote SEO-optimized articles to give the algorithm more context, and captured several inbound links from authoritative websites to signal Chuze’s authority to Google


September’s Self-Care campaign and sale finished up as the strongest digital month in Chuze Fitnesses history.

While sale months naturally drive an increase in memberships, this campaign drove a record high number of new members, and reached a record number of consumers through the campaign messaging pull-through.

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