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How Diligence Contributed To Over $100M+ In Funding for Mielle Organics

Directly attributed to nova and Power Digital’s execution efforts, Mielle Organics saw an +85% increase in revenue within 3 months’ time, sitewide revenue scaling +192% YoY, New Visitors increased by 18%, returning visitors increased by 10%, and transactions increased +63%. More importantly, Power Digital helped the brand increase valuation for its $100mm capital infusion.

The Results

+83%Lift in Revenue Within 3 Months

+192%Increase in Site-wide Revenue YoY

+5,569%Paid Search

+23%Organic Search




Mielle Organics approached Power Digital in 2020 in search of a data-driven growth partner to take their brand to the next level in a hyper-competitive market. Hesitant to move away from more traditional marketing methods and skeptical of the results performance marketing could generate as a whole, the Power Digital team presented a solution that involved an in-depth diligence appraisal effectively leveraging both machine learning technology and expert qualitative analysis. 

Power Digital’s proprietary marketing analysis platform, nova, identified inefficiencies as well as opportunities that provided Mielle with the ability to optimize its digital marketing investment efforts through an actionable roadmap that ultimately met and vastly exceeded Mielle’s revenue goals.

Utilizing the power of nova, in collaboration with the nation’s leading Data Scientists and Digital Marketers, our team was able to accurately forecast and delineate the most effective strategies that would successfully help the brand scale within 6 months to increase investor interest, magnify the company’s valuation, and ultimately secure funding. A few key areas our team identified included:

  • Product page optimization to increase rankings and conversion.
  • Optimization of keywords with high ranking search volume through an enhanced and specialized content strategy. 
  • Curation of scalable paid media campaigns to drive high-quality new traffic as well as nurture visitors to conversion and transaction. 
  • Redesign of email marketing initiatives to nurture past customers and maximize customer lifetime value.

Through our nova diligence appraisal process, not only did the Mielle Organics team realize it would be a disservice to their brand not to invest, but also that partnering with Power Digital would drive irrefutable value for the company.



By implementing the fundamental strategies identified, which included enhancing the technical components of Mielle’s marketing channels and intertwining the expertly crafted brand message to unlock massive growth potential, Power saw an +85% increase in revenue within 3 months time, driven by increases across managed channels period over period (PoP):

  • Paid Search: +5,569% Increase PoP
  • Email: +1,929% Increase PoP
  • SMS: +830% Increase PoP
  • Organic Search: +23% Increase PoP

Within this 3 month time period, site-wide revenue scaled +192% YoY, new visitors increased by 18%, transactions increased +63%, and returning visitors increased 10%, compared to the previous period. 

Adhering to Power Digital’s guidance throughout the partnership and carrying out nova’s recommended strategies, Mielle achieved +127% increase in eCommerce revenue goals in Q1 of 2021, a key factor in the brand’s $100M+ raise.

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