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Leveraging An SEO-Focused Blog To Drive Organic Traffic


The Results

62%Of Site’s Total Keyword Rankings

30%Of Site’s Total Organic Traffic

15k+New Organic Users Per Month


Gaining consumer trust has become increasingly more difficult in the beauty and skincare space as the competitive landscape broadens with new brands entering the market at a fast pace. Thus, creating brand awareness and fostering organic growth has been top priority for Kate Somerville.


In order to establish Kate Somerville as a thought leader in the industry, Power Digital created a strategic SEO-Content strategy leveraging the brand’s expansive skincare knowledge to build authority in the eyes of Google and their consumers. The goal of this content strategy was to increase non-brand keyword rankings, support rankings of core pillar pages on the transactional side, and bring in more new users on a monthly basis to build retargeting pools. After initial traction and proof of concept, content production was doubled and so were the keyword ranking results.


After two years of creating SEO-focused blog content, Kate Somerville is now ranking for 23 featured snippets & 9k non-brand keywords, which is 62% of the site’s total KW rankings. The blog also contributes to 30% of all organic sessions to the site, and builds a web of content to bolster key transactional pages through technical internal linking. Kate Somerville’s blog brings in roughly 15k new organic users per month through long tail keywords which not only acts as a brand introducer, but also builds retargeting pools for conversions further down the buyer’s journey.

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