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Our Take On Clubhouse: How Can It Benefit Your Business?

April 8, 2021
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Newest Social Media App — Clubhouse

We’re almost sure you’ve heard of it… Clubhouse, the newest social media platform to hit the app store is all the hype right now. But what is Clubhouse app exactly?

As defined by the Clubhouse Community Guidelines, Clubhouse is “designed to be a space for authentic conversation and expression, where people can have fun, learn, make meaningful connections, and share rich experiences with others around the world.” But, this social platform is  fairly exclusive. 

In order for a person to join the Clubhouse community, you must be invited by an existing Clubhouse user and have an iPhone (seemingly, they aren’t fans of Androids). When originally created, Clubhouse aimed to target elite, high-profile users like celebrities, CEOs, and influencers — among many other notable users, some include Elon Musk, Drake, and Oprah Winfrey. As the ever-growing social platform took off, today there are upwards of 10 million users, having audio-only conversations about all different industries, professions, brands, and interests. 

Within the Clubhouse social media app, there are several key elements that you should familiarize yourself with. Firstly, know the hallway, rooms, and event calendar. The hallway is a compiled list of active rooms, and the rooms are where different conversations happen. The event calendar has a list of scheduled rooms, for a future date and time. You can also make a room private, adding an even further “exclusive” aspect, and share information that you don’t necessarily want to share to the public, or just any listener that may drop in. 

There are three different roles that you may have within each room: a moderator, a speaker, or a listener. As a moderator, you act as a host and have started a room; in doing so, you have the ability to invite other people to speak, remove them from speaking, and guide and influence the discussion. As a speaker, you’ve been invited to the stage by the moderator and you have the ability to talk. And lastly, as a listener, you’ve tapped to join an existing room/conversation, and have thus entered the audience on mute.

Benefits to Your Brand

Now, why is Clubhouse a beneficial aspect of your digital marketing strategy? According to its co-founders, helps you “build a social experience that [feels] more human — where instead of posting, you could gather with other people and talk.” Clubhouse is not only educational, but allows users to make connections based solely on interest, within a more intimate (but less intimidating or professional) environment. In order for it to serve as beneficial, be sure to optimize your account as a Clubhouse member. Note that the platform does not yet support links in user’s bios; instead, include your social usernames, where you work, what your title is, and any clubs you’ve launched within the social app.

Clubhouse will help you to build trust surrounding your brand and enforce a sense of community. Keep in mind, upcoming generations strongly value those relatable, authentic, and trustworthy brands over those with large followings now more than ever. Adding Clubhouse to your list of social media platforms will boost your brand’s awareness and credibility nonetheless, helping users put faces to the names behind brands, and giving them exclusive audio content and a sense of online community.

The Do’s and Don’ts 

As we see it, the main benefit to Clubhouse as a brand is to generate awareness to your audience. As a moderator or speaker, you have free range to speak about your brand’s story, connect with listeners and audience members, get feedback, and ultimately, guide conversations in the way that you want people to perceive your brand. Listeners are spending more and more time on the app, waiting for a conversation to happen that they are interested in. 

If you think Clubhouse serves fit to benefit your brand, here’s what we do and do not recommend:

  • DO: Grow your following. This might seem broad, but Clubhouse is an extremely unique opportunity to deeply connect with the exact audience you want to target for your brand. Listeners only listen if they’re interested, therefore, play off of that. Be active, be consistent, and show up for your audience — the more you do, the more you will attract. Partner with people in your industry with bigger followings, too, so that you may introduce your audience to them and their audience to you, building familiarity. Clubhouse seems to be a very promising networking opportunity with an exclusive, online community.
  • DO: Bring as much to the stage as possible. You want to be increasingly valuable to your listeners throughout your conversations, otherwise, they’ll leave. Keep in mind, when audience members follow you, they will be notified each time you’re on stage so that if they want to hear from you, they can join. 
  • DO NOT: Be too exclusive. Now more than ever, consumers value inclusivity and authenticity. Welcome a diverse audience with different viewpoints, and make sure you are prepared to answer any spontaneous communication and questions that come your way respectfully and with understanding. Take advantage of this diversity and include voices into the conversation that otherwise, you may not hear from, creating extreme value for you, your brand, and other listeners.
  • DO NOT: Jump right into it. Do your research and spend time on the social app after receiving a Clubhouse invite. Listen to other relevant conversations and brainstorm ideas on what topics fit for your brand. Ensure that it will be a beneficial platform before jumping in blind. Ultimately, be sure that it aligns with the goals of your brand. (Keep in mind, Facebook and Twitter are also working on building out similar audio platforms. Would this be more beneficial? Or, do you want to really get an in-depth, exclusive look at your individual consumers?)

All in all, Clubhouse seems to be a very probable and up-and-coming way to grow your business and really get to know your audience. Use our digital marketing agency tips to help navigate Clubhouse for your brand and overall, enhance your digital strategy.




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