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Power Digital continues to be a leader in the performance agency ecosystem.
— Vidhi Vakharia, Agency Solutions Manager
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Meet nova Intelligence

Meet nova Intelligence

The first marketing intelligence application that empowers marketers with the information they need to scale, within minutes.

With an enormous amount of data at your fingertips and no clear roadmap on how to use it, decision making has become… complicated.

With data-powered transparency, our people are enabled to make meaningful growth decisions with confidence.

Built for performance marketers, by performance marketers to simplify the future of performance marketing.

Meet nova Intelligence
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Customer Insights
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By inputting channel summaries, historical spending, and budget scenarios, they receive immediate forecasts that predict future revenue against spend based on our trained model.

nova Intelligence Forecasting


nova Forecasts speed up the ability to assess market demand, identify potential growth opportunities, and allocate resources effectively.


nova Forecasts models to generate projections that guide strategic decision-making that focus on scale.


nova Forecasts models empower businesses to make informed decisions regarding the feasibility and profitability of new ventures.

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Power Digital's nova ecosystem is designed to efficiently provide our teams and clients with meaningful insights, understanding and resources to better identify growth opportunities across the broad landscape of performance marketing channels. Every nova application is powered by the data and technology required to be successful in this 21st century marketplace.
Meet nova Intelligence
Michael Murray,
Chief Product Officer
Meet nova Intelligence
I use both the cohort tool and the forecasting tool in all of my opportunity analyses. This has enabled me to identify opportunities through the lens of total business health rather than in a channel-specific silo. Additionally, the scenario planning feature in forecasts has been instrumental in delivering quick scenarios for different budget amounts which helps when executing net new channels for growth.
Meet nova Intelligence
Clancy Orantes
Strategic Solutions
Meet nova Intelligence
I've seen firsthand the impact this application can have on brands bottom line. Recently, I worked with a brand that had a very clear understanding of their customer (niche) and seemed to have a sophisticated marketing plan to match, but ultimately they were hitting some growth plateaus. Through the nova Intelligence appraisal, we were able to identify an entirely new audience that was a valuable current customer and untapped in their current marketing strategy / spend.
Meet nova Intelligence
Austin Randall,
nova Analyst
Meet nova Intelligence

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