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We’re a team of fashion-obsessed, full-funnel performance marketers with 75+ proven, industry-specific tactics. Power Fashion delivers unparalleled business results while providing a custom client experience that places fashion best practices at the forefront.


Our team specializes in growing D2C fashion brands through proven, revenue-driving, industry-specific tactics. Supported by a data-backed approach that truly maximizes business growth at every user touchpoint, we know what it takes to scale brands in the style space.

We conceptualize and bring to life scalable marketing solutions that catapult brands to the top of the fashion industry.

Customer-Centric Approach

Leverage brand awareness in performance-based marketing

Disruptive Growth

Unlock revenue with omni-channel synergies

Maximum Efficiency

Time optimization by working with one cohesive team of fashion experts for lockstep execution

Our proprietary Fashion Playbook is a proven, ready-to-implement roadmap for driving business growth. We’re excited to offer you a preview.

Strategic Fashion Storytelling

With a deep understanding of the fashion industry, we attract your target consumer and nurture the relationship to build a human connection through an arts-meets-science approach that drives consumer engagement and revenue growth at each stage of the customer journey.

Dedicated Industry Veterans

Our team consists of seasoned fashion, design, and analytics experts, who identify scalable marketing opportunities for every stage of the customer journey, maximizing your success and reaching brand goals.

Customer Journey Optimization

By maximizing channel efficiencies with real data in real-time, our channel forecasting and analysis uncover areas of opportunity for brand growth by utilizing one-of-a-kind insights to propel service channels to correlative growth.

What people are saying
"Throughout our 2+ year partnership with Power Digital, their team showed relentless commitment to strategy, creativity, and our business’ unique goals. I know we had the best team in the industry and the results showed for it in our top-line growth."
Ryan Slyper, Good American Chief Revenue Officer
What people are saying
“They are very professional and creative. Their team is very dedicated and passionate about their work and the brand. The team adapts to budget really well and usually surpasses the results. I am extremely happy with their team and the deliverables.”
-Paula Hermanny, VIX Swimwear CEO and Founder
What people are saying
“During the height of the pandemic and unprecedented ecommerce growth, Power Digital became an extension of our lean team, helping us quickly scale up and optimize our efforts across paid channels +250% YoY. I can’t imagine achieving these goals without their hands-on support and collaboration.”
-Sofia Booth, FRAME Head of Performance
What people are saying
"With Power Fashion, you are not just getting marketing management, but also getting a strategic partner at the intersection of fashion, marketing, and data. Despite industry headwinds, with Power’s partnership, we were able to scale spend and increase ROAS. There’s no high level marketing fluff. Each move is backed by tried and true tactics that work. Power has truly been instrumental in our rapid growth."
-Henry Yu, ONDO COO
What people are saying

Power Fashion Leadership Team


Group Director, Fashion

Sam founded and leads Power Fashion, where she draws on her experience by leveraging customer-first marketing and industry-specific tactics to scale a variety of fashion brands. As a pioneer in the development of novel approaches to growth strategies and client service, Sam relishes in the opportunity to guide fashion clients in the constantly-evolving direct-to-consumer market.


Senior Account Director, Fashion

As a founding member of Power Fashion, Hanna’s work with fashion clients has resulted in record-breaking performance in revenue, scale, and efficiency. She has leveraged her creative and data-driven strategic approach to exceed client business goals in the face of increasing competition, changing consumer behavior, and challenges posed by data restrictions in this new, post iOS14 world.


Senior Account Director, Fashion

Jarah innovates scalable omni-channel performance marketing strategies, testing and analytics. As a founding member of Power Digital’s Fashion Division, her expertise is rooted on deep in-platform knowledge across a variety of noteworthy fashion brands. She specializes in data driven ‘outside the box’ thinking to achieve KPIs while maintaining brand voice and brand value in a direct response e-commerce environment.

Stephanie Weigel

Account Director, Fashion

As an Account Director in Power Digital’s Fashion Division, Stephanie leads innovative cross-channel marketing strategies that drive incremental revenue. Her expertise lies in full-funnel marketing with extensive experience in paid search, paid social, and creative tactic integration. Leveraging this knowledge she is able to develop data driven strategies that support our fashion clients’ goals and growth initiatives.

How we drive your growth


Convert on the traffic you’ve invested in by driving more clicks, opt-ins, and purchases.

Public Relations

Secure top-tier media coverage to build brand visibility and credibility.

Affiliate Marketing

Leverage a highly motivated salesforce that only gets paid when you do.


Collaborate with like-minded brands and celebrity partners to reach new audiences with established trust.


Leverage the reach and credibility of your audience’s favorite lifestyle gurus.

Paid Social

Make more of your content by harnessing social media to reach vast new audiences.


Drive high-intent new fashion consumers to look, learn, and buy.

Organic Social

Build brand trust and establish your brand voice through quality content that engages an authentic community to keep coming back.

Content Marketing

Inform, entertain, and engage at every stage of the customer journey.

SMS Marketing

Supercharge your retention marketing mix with the most direct 1-to-1 digital consumer communication.

Email Marketing

Reach your customers at the right time in their specific consumer journey with perfectly targeted messaging they actually want to read

Paid Media

Drive more potential customers to your site with PPC strategies that meet prospecting consumers’ needs wherever they are in their journey, serving them ads they want to see.

An appraisal so in-depth, other digital and experiential marketing agencies would bill for it.

For you, it’s a free taste of the value we promise to bring to your fashion brand and just the start of what we can achieve together.

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“Power Digital has been a wonderful partner for VICI! We have loved leaning on their team for their expert knowledge across all our paid channels and appreciated their robust skillset for approaching new channels! We are fortunate to have them as an extension of our team and would not be able to build out our channel strategies without their expertise!”

Aimee Dudum Colorado
VICI, Chief Merchandising + Marketing Officer

Here’s a look at what you can expect with your free, fully-customized brand appraisal:
  1. Zero Pressure

    Whether you need support increasing brand awareness across the fashion category or want to revamp performance channels for better results, there are no strings attached – ever.

  2. Baseline Evaluation

    We put a spotlight on your brand’s marketing campaign gaps and missed opportunities.

  3. Competitive Analysis

    Start by taking a look at what the competition is doing and how we can do it better, then review an in-depth SWOT analysis evaluating key differentiators and hurdles impacting your ability to cut through the noise.

  4. Growth Strategy

    We’ll provide recommendations on quick wins you can implement immediately as well as high-level plans for long-term growth that can scale with your business in the ever-changing fashion landscape.

  5. Ready. Set. Launch!

    If you decide to partner with our one-of-a-kind fashion team, our partnership is already primed to hit the ground running with an actionable roadmap for success.