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How an Influencer Marketing Campaign Got Green Hope Vodka Off the Ground Running

Green Hope Vodka is a newly-launched California spirits company that came to us to help them get the word out about their premium vodkas.

The Results

13Pieces of Secured Coverage

15KTotal Comments & Likes

345KPotential Number of People Reached


We needed to convey their unique value proposition: that the vodka is a premium spirit that is 100% USDA certified organic, non-GMO, distilled from quality ingredients, and the company gives 1% of sales back to the Organic Farming Research Foundation.

With other craft vodka brands on the rise, there was a void in the market of an organic vodka that is incredibly smooth and high quality. Green Hope Vodka is the solution to this issue and fills the void of an organic vodka that doesn’t contain any artificial sweeteners or ingredients. Green Hope Vodka needed to break into a space in the consumer market where there are hundreds of vodka brands, but none of them have the same value propositions.


We created an influencer marketing campaign for Green Hope Vodka to generate buzz around the newly-launched brand and their line of three vodkas. Social media influencers offer a unique way of reaching thousands of potential customers. In addition, they are an excellent way to facilitate user-generated content, which was another goal of the campaign. This content provides a foundation for social media content, website content, and paid social images.

We identified our target list of influencers and began our outreach introducing them to the Green Hope Vodka brand and sharing key messaging and the brand’s differentiating features. We seeded product to select influencers in the foodie, lifestyle, and organic living space, whose aesthetic and audience were similar to the brand voice.


In the month of August, we secured 13 pieces of Instagram coverage, which served as a brand builder as well as a foundation for user-generated content. With each post on social media, the influencers sent our PR team the high-resolution image as well as any additional images they took of the product. We ended up with a gallery of over 30 images. We were able to incorporate the images into our content calendars for organic social and paid ads to serve as beautiful content on Facebook, Instagram, and the website.

The client said that the month of August was the best month of the campaign and they were very impressed with the quality of the images we received.

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