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Driving Qualified Leads Through PPC with Casa Palmera

The main objective of our campaign was to drive more qualified lead to Casa Palmera via form submissions and phone calls through highly targeted AdWords campaigns.


The Results

-33%Decrease in cost per lead

+3.24%Search engine conversion rate from 3.88% to 7.12%


The Rehab and Detox industry is a highly competitive space known for having historically high CPL’s (cost per lead). When we first began working with Casa Palmera, they had an average CPL of over $200 and an average of 162 leads per month between the GDN (Google Display Network) and Paid Search within AdWords. Because Casa Palmera is a rehab center, we also could not remarket (RLSA or GDN) to site visitors due to platform restrictions. Also, given the historically high CPL’s (cost per lead), Casa Palmera had made the decision to reduce ad spend budget from $32,000/month to $23,000/month due to lack of lead quality and performance.


Analyzed lead source

We began by taking a critical look at where Casa Palmera’s leads were coming from. We took a deep-dive into the search terms the account had accrued and isolated new keywords that had a proven history of conversion volume. We then restructured the entire account into our unique “Keyword Harvesting” model using the newly salvaged keywords as the backbone of the account.

Claimed branded search results placements

We also noticed that the legacy account lacked Branded Search and Casa Palmeras’ competitors were eating up that ad real estate on the search engine results pages (SERP)’s. To capitalize, we created brand-centric campaigns using the “Keyword Harvesting” model.

Set up call extensions

Because we knew that calls were extremely important to the client (as they have an extremely high close rate), we set up call extensions in our text ads. Additionally, we set up a goal to track phone calls on their site via a mobile device in Google Analytics.

Daily monitoring and testing

Once these were structured, daily monitoring was required along with regular maintenance routines which consisted of: negative search term scrubs, keyword expansions, budget/bidding adjustments, and ad testing, amongst others.

Creative targeting

Lacking the ability to traditionally remarket, we used keyword contextual targeting to power our display campaigns. After accruing roughly 2 month’s worth of data, we restructured the Google Display Network (GDN) campaigns into our “Placement Harvesting” model to take advantage of websites that showed strong conversion history.

Launched video remarketing ads

Additionally we discovered that they had a thriving YouTube channel with plans to expand their video library. Therefore, we synced the YouTube channel to the AdWords account and leveraged video remarketing as a work-around to remarket ads to video-watchers within the GDN. We also launched In-Stream & In-Display YouTube campaigns using affinity audience insights/targeting extrapolated from their Google Analytics account to increase Brand exposure and reach.


By leveraging our advanced GDN and Search tactics, we were able to significantly decrease their CPL while increasing conversion rates across all campaigns.

Through diligent and regular optimizations, we continue to see week-over-week improvements in volume and efficiency. Casa Palmera has seen YoY increases in registered guests by as much as 40% a month. The client has been extremely happy with lead volume, efficiency and quality and business is at an all time high. The Google Paid Media campaigns have gone from a struggling channel to leading provider of quality inbound leads.

Looking back to the months of December 2014 through July 2015 under previous management team, the average CPL was over $200, while the average number of leads per month was 162.

After we took over in November of 2015, the account (in the same time frame of December 2015 through July 2016), we averaged a $134 CPL with 158 leads per month. Essentially maintaining overall lead volume, while cutting the average cost per lead by $65.

It’s important to note that our average monthly spend since taking over management was $20,642, while the legacy monthly spend averaged $31,801 per month.

In both the GDN and Search, average CPL’s have decreased:

  • Search CPL decreased from $226 to $122 (46% decrease)
  • Display CPL’s decreased from $186 to $157 (16% decrease)
  • Overall CPL decreased from $200 to $134 (33% decrease)

Other notable performance metrics include:

  • Overall conversion rates increased from 0.2% to 1.28%
  • Search conversions rates increased from 3.88% to 7.12%
  • GDN conversion rates increased from 0.12% to 0.35%

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