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AJ Madison

Off-page SEO (ie link acquisition) had not been a focus of AJ Madison’s and therefore their competitors had higher Domain Authorities and Page Authorities than them, preventing AJ Madison to rank on page 1 for many of their top keywords that they previously ranked on page 1 for. Through a focused outreach strategy, we drove high quality editorial links to their top category pages, increasing Page Authority and the Domain Authority of the site.

The Results

20%Increase in monthly site visits

17%Revenue growth in 6 months - a 7 figure increase!



AJ Madison previously had a strong organic search presence and performance, but with recent updates their older framework for the website did not perform as well due to technical issues and low conversion rates while also lacking a strong indexing, content and link acquisition strategy. This caused a notable decline in traffic since the beginning of the year until starting with us in April.


Our strategy was a combination of technical SEO, indexing strategy, content, PR/outreach and CRO analysis.

First and foremost, we addressed the technical SEO issues with the site by implementing a proper canonical strategy to reduce duplicate content, implementing a dynamic meta data strategy to reduce duplicate meta data and populate relevant meta data across millions of pages, better structuring how search engines crawl the site by refining what is crawled by revising the robots.txt file, and refining the XML sitemap strategy to have search engines index the appropriate pages.

From there we used on-page SEO and content to develop a strong indexing/targeting strategy for the website’s category pages through keyword research and mapping. On top of this, we used a content strategy focused on contextual topic modeling to allow pages to better cover a topic as a whole, increasing rankings for the primary keywords and allowing pages to rank for a larger keyword set.

Lastly, we addressed the eCommerce conversion rate issue they had by performing CRO analysis based on user behavior, allowing AJ Madison to gain insights on means to restructure pages for a higher conversion rate across the entire site.


Results were outstanding, especially keeping in mind that this was after reversing a strong negative trend. We grew AJ Madison’s monthly visits to the site by over 100K in just 5 months (+20%). Additionally, revenue grew by seven figures in 6 months (+17%), and they experienced an ROI of 1,752%.

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